About Us

Where we started!


Emini Creations began with a desire to organize and showcase my jewelry and say goodbye to the tangled mess hidden in my jewelry box drawers. I hand cut, sanded, stained, drilled and poly protected the wood wall jewelry organizer and now I can see all my jewelry as I choose my accessories to complete an outfit!

Personalized Jewelry Holder

After receiving requests for personalization, I knew I wanted to offer something unique so I began bending wire into words and designs. We now offer a large selection of wire and wood organizers, signs, and wire wall art. 

Meet Mindy


I have two passions that I combined together to create Emini Creations. One passion is organizing anything and everything from jewelry, paperwork, food, supplies, hats, shoes....if it is messy then I want to find or construct a "home".

My other passion is handcrafting wire and wood pieces into stylish designs. I enjoy each step of the process from cutting and sanding the wood to applying various shades of stain or paint to make each piece unique. I incorporate wire word art for an added dimension and personalization to designs. I have an eclectic mix of designs from modern to rustic and boho chic to farmhouse that I take great pride in creating. 

Emini Creations is a one woman business. I handle the designs, handcrafting, photography, packaging, shipping and customer service all with the loving support system of my husband and two adult children. 

I am so happy you are here! Please contact me if you need anything!